Göta Canal

Gota-Kanal---Photo-Lisa-Nestorson If you decide to take a trip to the inner landscape of West Sweden, you will experience the blissful relaxation that can only be achieved through green fields, red tractors, grazing cows and buzzing flies. Through this landscape runs the Göta Canal. With a length of 190 kilometres, it doesn’t stop before hitting the east coast of Sweden.

In 1810 the excavation work started. During 22 years more than 50 000 soldiers built the canal, mostly by hand using simple spades. Finally, in 1832 the channel was inaugurated by king Karl XII. Then both passengers and goods were transported along the canal. Later on as the railway became more important for freight services, the canal still continues to attract passengers who want to experience this unique way of travelling.

There are several ways of traveling along the canal. You could go rent a bike and use the specially designated bike roads that run along the canal, or for a more luxurious experience you could book a cruise on one of the many boats that operate the canal, equipped with comfortable cabins and restaurants. If you are feeling adventurous you could even rent your own boat and navigate the locks. You are never far from restaurants, golf clubs, cultural experiences and more.

Karlsborg is one of the cities you pass by. Here is a great opportunity to learn more about Swedish history. The Karlsborg Fortress is one of Europe’s largest built structures. It was built to serve as an alternative capital city in case of war. Today the Fortress offers tours, surprises and special effects.

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