From the US to Sweden via…car?

Sweden by car - a fantastic vacation idea.

Sweden by car - a fantastic vacation idea.

When people think of taking a trip to Sweden most everybody thinks, plane. Of course those who are not so keen on flying might look into cruise ships. And for the really old fashioned, and exorbitantly wealthy, zeppelin might even be an option. But car? Impossible – no bridge, no underwater tunnel, ergo no roadtrip…right? Not quite!

You can in fact get to Sweden in  a new Volvo car. The Volvo Overseas Delivery Program allows you to purchase a new Volvo car directly from Sweden for up to 8% under the MSRP, and then gives you two complimentary roundtrip tickets to West Sweden with Scandinavian Airlines System, one free hotel night in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a fifteen day European Car Insurance coverage (including Swedish temporary registration). When your vacation is over, your new car will be shipped back to your local US Volvo dealer gratis, including all US Customs charges and fees.

To summarize:
Step 1: Buy a new Volvo through the Volvo overseas delivery program.
Step 2: Get a pair of free roundtrip tickets to West Sweden.
Step 3: Drive your new car through West Sweden for 2 weeks.
Step 4: Fly home and get your car delivered practically to your door.
Total Cost:                                                          Approx. 8% under MSRP

Of course not everyone is in the market for a new car, dream vacation included or otherwise. But Volvo is also promoting this program with a contest that rewards your creativity (you know how much the Swedes love that). The contest simply requires putting together an itinerary for a dream vacation via their Trip Planner, and submitting it for a chance to win your itinerary. So now getting to Sweden is feasible by Plane, Boat, Submarine, Zeppelin, Hot Air Balloon*, Whale (if you’re really good with marine mammals), Car, and your creative trip planning skills.

You can take a look at my itinerary here!

*Please note, there is as far as I know, no Zeppelins, Hot Air Balloons, Submarines, or Whales available for leisure travel, although you are perfectly welcome to inquire with your boss if one is privately available at your company.Gothenburg Concert HallCanal Ride


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