From Pot to Pot – a lobster’s tail

Lobster Safariing in Weest Sweden

Lobster Safariing in West Sweden

Have you ever wondered how a lobster went from being a happy lobster swimming along the bottom of the sea to a delicious lobster swimming along at the bottom of your pool of melted butter? The process is a fun one of baiting and setting lobster traps (or pots) to be hauled aboard later filled with lobsters whose next stop is another pot, this one however filled with boiling water rather than tempting bait.

They say meals are much more satisfying when you have to work for them, and in West Sweden you can do just that – go on a lobster safari to catch your own delectable delicacies. No need to wonder about where your dinner came from, since you picked it out fresh from the sea yourself and helped prepare your meal.

The first Monday after September 20th every year, (the 21st this year) marks the beginning of lobster season when every diner young and old in West Sweden celebrates with a seafood feast honoring of course the star of the season Nephropidae. The lobster safaris help everyone enjoy the festivities and partake in the excitement – allowing locals, tourists, grandkids and grandparents to master a unique skill through an unquotidien experience.

Here is a list of many of the companies that offer a variety of packages from relaxing spas with a lobster feast to full on day of lobster fishing.

Lobster fresh from the sea!

Lobster fresh on your plate

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