Crayfish Parties– On the Lookout for the Tastiest Accompaniments.

If anyone can sing the praises of langoustines, it’s me. Because langoustines are among my favorite foods. Newly boiled and still warm, fresh from a liquid to which a tiny amount of porter has been added to bring out the natural sweetness of the shellfish. And what about freshwater crayfish? Yes, please! Cooked with heaps of dill, they brighten up the crayfish party with their cheery red color.

Crayfish! Photo: Jonas Ingman

But you can’t just serve the shellfish. These animals need both nice drinks and tasty accompaniments. Like cheeses, vegetables, delicious sauces and bread. The bread should preferably be baked by hand, and there should be both soft bread and crisp-bread on offer.

At Birgittas Lantbruk outside Grästorp they bake a lovely thin flat-bread. Its crispiness and pleasant texture make it perfect for a shellfish feast. The bread is exclusively hand baked, from organic oats and spelt, and the textured rolling pin used to roll the dough has left a pattern. Another must on the table are a few different mature cheeses. Sivans ostar is my favorite provider of well matured hard cheeses. Their cheeses are the perfect choice for a crayfish party. Creamy and delicious Prästost, a piece of ripened blue cheese, and a milder hard cheese, like for example Herrgård. Together, they provide the best possible cheese selection to serve with shellfish, at least in my opinion.

Crisp Flat Bread. Photo: Jakob Fridholm/

Once you have made the effort to travel to Västergötland, a visit to Qvänum Mat och Malt all that remains to make your crayfish party complete. The drinks made here are naturally flavorsome. On with the party hats and raise your glasses, the party can begin.

Crayfish Party! Photo: Björn Tesch/


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