Coffee Time – On the Lookout for Fabulous Swedish Cakes.

Gothenburg has long been known as a city where you can enjoy great coffee with delicious cakes and cinnamon swirls. But the sweet treat culture is not only present here in Gothenburg. Baking is everywhere, in television programs and in a growing number of Swedish homes.

Fika time! Photo: Superstudio

The recent peak in culinary baking experiments has resulted in innovative cupcakes, cinnamon buns, muffins, and numerous varieties of cookies and biscuits. Baking enthusiasts are ecstatic and the trend seems to be gaining pace. Even dessert experts are joining in, like the pastry chef Daniel Roos, who is opening up his home in Stockholm and offering tasting menus under the name ”My Table” – a sweet experience to die for.

Café Skyttlabacken in West Sweden. Photo: Café Skyttlabacken

Bakers are predicted to steal some of the chefs’ limelight and become even more visible in 2014. More attitude and exciting flavour combinations are emerging from Swedish ovens. A new trend is bakery items that are not simply sweet. Beetroot, chili and carrots are joined by liquorice and turned into taste explosions of unheard of proportions.

Foodies hunting for taste sensations no longer have to be content with cinnamon buns baked with heaps of love and butter. This is despite the fact that the cinnamon swirl is the very essence of a typical Swedish coffee break, together with a cup of freshly brewed filter coffee. The rich dough is often flavoured with crushed cardamom, which adds a warming edge to the sugar-topped buns.

Delicious Cinnamon Buns! Photo: Alingsås Kommun

Swedish ‘fika’, or café culture, have long been an integral part of life in Gothenburg, and one I like very much. Especially now, when we are getting closer to Christmas and it is time to bake another traditional Swedish cake – gingerbread. This crunchy creation with its crispy texture is a cake to be proud of. Tastes just as nice topped with creamy blue cheese and served with glögg as with a cup of coffee on Christmas Eve. Just as enjoyable as another Swedish classic; small, sweet almond tartlets filled with whipped cream and sweetened berries. A recipe treasure to look after and be really proud of.

Almond tartlets with rasberries! Photo: Emeli Gustafson

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