Evert Taube Festival, Ängön

Visitors enjoy their favourite Evert Taube songs in the Bohuslän archipelago. The performing artists are some of Sweden´s finest such as Sven-Bertil Taube and Peter Harryson. It was on the island of Ängön that famous Swedish singer/songwriter, Evert Taube, wrote some of his finest songs during the 1940’s.

Modern Art nestled in Ancient History

Ursula von Rydingsvard's "Damski Czepek"

Ursula von Rydingsvard's "Damski Czepek"

Today begins an art show in West Sweden that juxtaposes the contemporary with the historical. Situated in an ancient burial ground with roots in the Iron Age, Skulptur I Pilane 2009 invites 9 internationally renowned artists to exhibit their works nestled amongst ancient judgment circles and raised stones.

Amongst the artists is Ursula von Rydingsvard, who’s Damski Czepek caused lines of New Yorkers waiting to get married in the “Lady’s Bonnet” in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park. Other exhibiting artists include Britain’s  Laura Ford with homeless animals,

Jaume Plensa's sculpture shines in the sun

Spain’s Jaume Plensa’s shinny alphabetic sculptures, and Johan Tahon from Belgium who created an enormous white lion. Jonas Holmquist’s sculpture plays with contrasting lights, Ulla Viotti has produced a brick “waterfall”, and Norwegian stone sculptor Kristian Blystad will be presenting his work for the third consecutive year.

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Update: The Spectacular Swedish Sauna speeds into the record books

The SS Silla cruising happily along at 15.5 knots

The SS Silla cruising happily along at 15.5 knots

The SS Silla is officially the world’s fastest floating sauna, setting the world record last Saturday, July 4th in Marstrand, West Sweden, during Match Cup Sweden. The sauna reached 15.5 knots (nautical miles per hour), the equivalent of 28.71 kph/17.84 mph. To give you an idea of of how fast that is, the fastest speed acheived by a boat was 275.9 knots, the fastest human swam 4.6 knots, and the fastest aquatic animal, the sailfish, can reach 59.1 knots. The SS Silla’s 15.5 knots will most certainly allow for relaxing in a jacuzzi in style.

The Spectacular Swedish Speeding Sauna

The S/S Silla on her maiden voyage

The S/S Silla on her maiden voyage

The Swedish penchant for creating the world’s ingeniously odd and yet strangely exciting innovations once again draws the world’s eye with the fastest floating sauna. “To what end?” is a question often begged of the fascinating creations the Swedish minds develop, and this latest one is no exception. The S/S Silla, the surface skimming spa’s moniker, is the creation of West Sweden’s first floating hotel Salt & Sill, and provides guests with a place to relax and unwind, as well as adding a Honeymoon suite, exhibition space and conference room to the hotels’ amenities.

SS Silla 5The S/S Silla measures 12m x 6.5m and has two floors constructed on a catamaran base allowing the jet-setting jacuzzi to reach speeds exceeding 15 knots. In contrast with Salt & Sill’s permanent mooring on Klädesholmen, an small island in West Sweden, the floating spa’s mobility will provide guests with an exciting, fully-functioning mini-hotel at sea.

The S/S Silla aims to set the world record for Fastest Floating Sauna on July 4th in Marstrandön, West Sweden at 12pm as part of the World boating championship Match Cup Sweden. In addition to being a practical addition to the Salt & Sill hotel, in typical Swedish fashion, the S/S Silla also adheres to the apparent requirement to push the limits of innovation; From sauna, to floating sauna, to the fastest floating sauna, and then throw in all the comforts of the full hotel experience just for fun and voila, the Swedish response to a simple request for a jacuzzi.

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Göta Canal

Gota-Kanal---Photo-Lisa-Nestorson If you decide to take a trip to the inner landscape of West Sweden, you will experience the blissful relaxation that can only be achieved through green fields, red tractors, grazing cows and buzzing flies. Through this landscape runs the Göta Canal. With a length of 190 kilometres, it doesn’t stop before hitting the east coast of Sweden.

In 1810 the excavation work started. During 22 years more than 50 000 soldiers built the canal, mostly by hand using simple spades. Finally, in 1832 the channel was inaugurated by king Karl XII. Then both passengers and goods were transported along the canal. Later on as the railway became more important for freight services, the canal still continues to attract passengers who want to experience this unique way of travelling.

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midsummerIf you ever want to see adult Swedes jump around like frogs, then come to Sweden in late June.

Solstice is an astronomical event that occurs when the sun to reaches its northernmost extreme. Summer solstice in the northern hemisphere will happen around June 21st and we will experience this year’s longest day and shortest night. In Sweden this day is called Midsummer’s Eve and is celebrated throughout the country with food, drink, song and dance.

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Lucia Day – Queen of Lights

December 13 is Lucia Day, and the longest night of the year. Lucia is a symbol of light in the dark Swedish winters. Each year, a Lucia (Queen of Light) is chosen from every establishment countrywide, from schools to clubs. The elected girl is dressed in a white gown with a crown of candles in her hair, and she delivers coffee, cat-shaped buns (’lussekatter’) and glögg. There are several Lucia concerts in churches and concerts hall all over Sweden.