Winter and spring kayaking in Bohuslän opens for new seasons

Winter kayaking in Bohuslän

Canoeists who venture out into a snow-covered Bohuslän are met by an open natural landscape that gives a genuine feeling of existing in the here and now. Kayak rental operator Fredrik Lundkvist at Stångenäs Kayak in Lysekil invites you on a journey where the barren landscape of Bohuslän with its smooth and salt-covered granite cliffs is combined with comfortable places to stay and flavoursome meals. Launch your kayak into the fresh, salty sea – and enjoy!
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A spooky foodie weekend at Läckö

Did you know that the most beautiful man in the world used to live at Läckö Castle?
Yes, it’s true – at least in the 17th century. Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie was the world’s sexiest man in the 1600s. According to the women, he had it all: charm, looks, sensitivity, rhythm and anunusually high level of emotional intelligence. And this was well-known, even outside Sweden…

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Cruise among the gems of Bohuslän

Cruising in Fiskebäckskil

Cruising in Fiskebäckskil

Did you know that there are 8,000 islands along the coast of Bohuslän? The best way to explore them is by boat or kayak. I must admit that Bohuslän has a very special place in my heart. To me Bohuslän is smooth, pink granite rocks, picturesque fishing villages where red boathouses jostle for place with beautiful white wooden homes, an invigorating salty sea breeze, fresh shellfish and a varied natural landscape. Join me on a cruise through the archipelago!

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Swedish Midsummer in our hearts

Smögen midsommardans - Foto Emelie Person
After the country’s long dark winters, Midsummer is hugely celebrated, as its days are some of the lightest in the year. Midsummer is therefore particularly close to the hearts of many Swedes. Join me on a trip to Smögen in the Bohuslän region and experience how Midsummer is traditionally celebrated – plenty of singing, dancing around maypoles, girls with flowers in their hair, pickled herring with new potatoes and soured cream…as well as fresh strawberries and a great deal of schnapps!
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West Sweden Wins Prestigious Tourism Awards

West Sweden has picked up some prestigious awards recently, with the grand fairytale castle, Läckö Slott, receiving the ‘Great Tourism Award 2013’; the lavish Bjertorp Slott awarded the Historic Hotels of Europe ‘Best Historic Countryside Hotel of Europe 2014’ and CNN listing Hotel Andrum’s ‘Seventh Heaven’ as one of the Best Tree Houses in the World, and the Bohuslän region as one of the World’s Last Great Wilderness Areas.

Islanna – 7th Heaven Tree House. Photo: Lisa Nestorson

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Easter Witches, Seafood Safaris and Giant cinnamon buns! The Winner of a Seafood-themed Trip to West Sweden, Marie-Charlotte Maréchal, Describes her experience…

What did you see and do on your trip?

On the Friday, I met my sister, who lives in Corsica, at Paris-Beauvais Airport and we took the flight to Gothenburg. Our first stop was the coastal town, Lysekil (an hour’s drive north of Gothenburg on the west coast). On the road we enjoyed the landscape. A few minutes before arriving, our GPS told us to take a “road” on the water. Indeed, at the end of the road we went onto a boat that took us to Lysekil. We put our suitcases at the lovely Strandflickornas Havshotell and took the ferry to the island of Fiskebäckskil, where a table was reserved for us at a restaurant. I’m not very familiar with seafood so it was a great introduction for me, and it was really delicious. At the end of the feast we returned to our lovely room. I really loved the houses on the island and felt like I was in a movie. It was magical.

Lysekil from the Sea. Photo: Jonas Ingman

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Lights in Alingsås 2012

When the nights grow longer and darker as autumn progresses, it’s cosy to light a candle and curl up under a warm blanket with a nice cup of coffee. In the ‘fika city’ Alingsås in West Sweden, they take this candle light cosiness to a whole new level. The city is set to hold the 13th annual ‘Lights in Alingsås’ – a magical light extravaganza created by seven international designers.

Lights in Alingsås

Lights in Alingsås – Photo Patrik Gunnar Helin

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Åmål’s Blues festival 2012

Åmål Blues Festival is a four day international blues festival that has grown to become Sweden’s foremost since it started in 1992. It takes place centrally next to the beautiful shore of lake Vänern.

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