Eco-life in Sweden. River rafting, a recycling challenge and 10 kilos of organic meat.

Nature, needless to say, is a reason for many people to visit Sweden. Getting a first-hand experience of stunning landscapes is one of the main attractions of going to Sweden and local entrepreneurs have been quick to realize this. There is now a plethora of trip organizers profiting from this latest trend in eco-tourism, not only giving you a chance to see nature itself but also the creatures inhabiting it – lobsters, wolves, bears and so on. Thanks to a portal, there is now a single place where you can plan and book your nature trip – all over Sweden!

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Blogging their Shellfish Journey adventures












A group of hungry foodie bloggers (from the UK and Denmark) visited West Sweden recently, on a quest to indulge in the region’s sublime seafood.

Their trip took place during West Sweden’s renowned Shellfish Journey – an event across the west coast during autumn that sees a greater choice of educational and mouth-watering seafood safaris available.

Their trip included a mussel safari in Lysekil, the best seafood buffet (quite possibly in the world) at Café Ferdinand, the incredibly peaceful South Koster island, set at Sweden’s first Marine National Park, Kosterhavet, an exquisite five-course lobster feast at Sydkoster hotel Ekenäs and oyster tastings and a lobster safari in Grebbestad fishing village.

Many people say the shellfish in West Sweden, including lobster and oysters, are among the best in the world – but did the bloggers agree? Find out, by reading about the adventures (click
on the blog links) of Jeanne Horak-Druiff: Cook sister, Su-Lin: Tamarind and Thyme, Chris Pople Cheese and biscuits, Helen Graves Food Stories and Lizzie Mabbott Hollow Legs. Danish readers can also read Nadia Mathiasen’s blog articles on Food fanatic.

The first day of the lobster season


The first day of the lobster fishing season is so important to the people of Sweden’s west coast – it’s just as vital as the elk hunting season is to the people of the region’s lake district area, Dalsland. Many locals take the day off work to enjoy the first day of lobster fishing, their salted mackerel and lobster traps at the ready.

Renowned chef, Harald Laanemets, knows how to cook and catch lobsters successfully. He advises: “Lobsters prefer to live in rock crevices. Look for depths that slope and range from 10-15 up to 30 metres. But avoid sandy sea beds, otherwise all you’ll get are loads of crabs.”

During the first weekend of October, Harald will make a guest appearance at Kosters Trädgårdar, during the famous Harvest Festival. He will prepare lobsters and various tasty accompaniments at the event.

Another top tip from Harald: “It’s important to boil the lobster in a good size saucepan with salted water. Place the lobsters head first in the boiling water, then quickly cover with the lid. This way they die immediately.”

According to Harald, the waters along Sweden’s west coast are home to the tastiest shellfish – the best in the world.

There’s an array of different packages offered across the west coast during the Shellfish Journey(26 September – 6 November 2011), for instance Hotel Ekenäs on the South Koster island offers lobster safaris, where you can enjoy these delicious crustaceans after a breathtaking fishing trip.

Text by Maria Zihammou




Harvest Feast in West Sweden

Between the 23rd and the 25th of September, many people travel from farm to farm to take part of the annual Harvest Feast in Sweden. This over 1000 years old tradition has become one of the largest fall time celebrations in Sweden, and even though the feast still is centered around the year’s harvest, it now also includes many other nice events, such as music performances and exhibitions of local art.

Skaraborg is a part of West Sweden, where plenty of interesting and fun events take place during this weekend of celebration. At Skaraborg’s Harvest- and Cultural Feast visitors can shop locally produced and ecological food, skin products, jewelries, decorations, and most kinds of other handicrafts. There will also be many activities such as art- and photo exhibitions, pony rides, thrilling ghost-walking tours, music performances, and much more.

One special part of this year’s Harvest- and Cultural Feast in Skaraborg, is the special theme in Kinnekulle, Light & Fire. In order to exorcise the autumn’s coming darkness, Kinnekulle will invite you to music and dancing performances, fire shows, fire sculptures, a torchlight procession, and much more. Let there be light!


The Shellfish Journey on the west coast of Sweden


The shellfish inWest Sweden, including lobster and oysters, are among the best in the world. And Autumn is the perfect time to eat and learn all about them during the renowned Shellfish Journey, which kicks off at the start of the lobster season (26 September 2011).

 This means there will be a great choice of educational and mouth-watering seafood safaris available. One of the seafood highlights, the lobster safari, sees visitors voyage along the coast with a skipper, helping to haul up and reset the pots of ’black gold’. Learn how to prepare and cook the lobsters and then sample the scrumptious catch, perhaps after enjoying champagne in an outdoor hot tub overlooking the spectacular coast. There’ll also be more adventurous activity on offer, including sea kayaking trips around the archipelago.

Some of the UK’s best foodie bloggers will be venturing to the region from 14-16 October 2011, to experience the Shellfish Journey. We’ll be documenting and linking to their exciting adventures on here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Brunch at Bjertorp Castle

Brunch at Bjertorp CastleIndulge yourself in modern food in a historical environment. Take a trip to Bjertorp Castle and enjoy a great buffet with a variety of warm and cold dishes. The chefs at Bjertorp Castle describes the buffet as Nordic food with influences from the French cuisine. Ingredients come from local suppliers and the dishes are characterized by the different seasons.
September 11, 18, 25 (11.30 am – 1.30 pm)

Havets Hus in Lysekil

Don't miss the Lobster Premiere!

The Lobster Premiere draws near (26th of September) and Havets Hus (The Public Saltwater Aquarium) in Lysekil therefore invites to a Lobster themed weekend.
More info:
September 24 & 25

Food Market in Trollhättan

flavors, flavors, flavors

Between 12pm-2pm you can find locally grown food on the square of Trollhättan. Find everything from mustard, lamb and flowers to cookies and hard bread, and much more!