Passion For Food – Make the most of your ingredients

Fans of the Scandinavia food revolution won’t want to miss The Passion for Food Festival, taking place at Eriksberg in Gothenburg very soon (1-3 March 2013). It’s a mouth-watering showcase of West Sweden’s award-winning local food. Exquisite fragrant cheeses, colourful vegetable stands, hand-made ice cream, bread, wine, meat, herring, sausages…

Photo: Mikael Almse

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Pickled Herring – the Star of the Smörgåsbord Show

Herring, or “sill” plate, from right to left: Lemon pickled Sill, Sill with linginberry and blackpepper, curry sill, vanilla and limeleaf Sill, buckthorn sill, spiced sill.: Photo:Per-Erik Berglund/

A given element on the Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord is the pickled herring, called “sill” in Swedish. Traditionally, herring has been marinated with flavors such as pepper, dill, and onion, but during later decades, interesting and more innovative flavorings such as cassis, cajun spices or cilantro. West Sweden, specifically Bohuslän – the most western province of Sweden, has always had a strong connection to herring and herring-fishing. The people of this little province started to make a living of herring already a thousand years ago and particularly between the 1500- and 1800- hundreds, fishing communities started to emerge and flourish. Continue reading…

A House by the Sea – Villa Sjötorp

Villa Sjötorp

High above the sea, just outside Ljungskile in Lyckorna, West Sweden, a beautiful white Swiss – style villa has been standing since 1901. During the two last decades of the 1800-hundereds, people from Sweden’s high society streamed to the seaside resort where they could find exclusive facilities at that time – an open-air swimming pool, an indoor bath house, a restaurant and daily steamboat- and railroad connections.

Carl Emil Haeger, a successful engineer and foundry proprietor from Lilla Edets paper factory decided to build his summer resident here over one hundred years ago. It came to be called Villa Sjötorp. During the 40:ies, the house was sold and used as a lodging house for one decade, where after it was bought back by the paper factory and used as a summer house for the factory employees. Decades later, the paper factory was sold, and the Haeger family succeeded the house.

Since the mid 90:ies, Villa Sjötorp is a 14 room boutique hotel with an award winning restaurant run by great grandchild Ellika Mogenfelt. We managed to get an interview with the chef and hotel proprietor and learnt a lot more about this ultra-charming hotel. Find out how Ellika managed to win it back and follow her dream to start up a guesthouse after a long dispute… Continue reading…

Amuse Bush Camp – On the lookout for the Best of Nordic

The true food heroes who offer unique produce of an incredibly high quality are not always well-known in ordinary grocery stores. But in the world of fine dining, among the top chefs, they are familiar names and talked of with respect. For example, the couple Patrik Johansson and Zandra Bring. They make the most amazing-tasting butter I have ever tried – Vallmobacken’s butter. Hand-churned and made from soured cream. This is what genuine, traditional ingredients, made with lots of love and passion tastes like. The texture, the smell, and yes – the flavour is absolutely wonderful.


Vallmobacken’s butter

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What makes Gothenburg a foodie destination?

A year has almost passed since Gothenburg was awarded the prestigious title ‘The Culinary Capital of Sweden’. During the year, there has been a focus on the city’s unique foodie strengths, its signature dishes and its most talented chefs. In addition, the region’s environmental vision, traditions and first class hospitality have been showcased.

Restaurant Sjömagasinet, photo

Restaurant Sjömagasinet, photo

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Lobster Makes its Grand Entrance

Fall means lobster season on the West Coast. If you’re lucky enough to be by the sea with access to your own kitchen, you can go down to the harbor and buy live lobster straight from the fisherman who caught it. If you enjoy the finished product, but would rather not reenact that scene from Annie Hall, most local restaurants have fresh lobster on the menu this time of year.

Freshly caught lobster. Photo: Fredrik Broman. /


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Premiere for the black gold of the West Sea

The start of the lobster season at Resö island

The start of the lobster season at Resö island

Today marks the start of the lobster season here in West Sweden! Sweden’s west coast is full of life right  now and people have taken time off work to go out fishing. Old and young, everybody wants to catch the black gold sea of the sea – lobster. Ever since 30 April, locals have been waiting to fish for lobster again and finally it’s time! According to fisherman Lennart Johansson – who is from the island of Styrsö in the Gothenburg archipelago – the start of the lobster season is the west coast’s equivalent to elk hunting, another big event in Sweden.

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How to Spend Two Days in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, an old port city on the North Sea, is the second largest city in Sweden (besides Stockholm). Gothenburgers will tell you it far outstrips the capital in charm, beauty and wit. You could easily spend a week here, but if you are pressed for time, let us suggest a jam-packed two days:

Gothenburg Harbor. Photo: Goran Assner /

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