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Gothenburg! We wanted to find out just how amazing her trip was so we asked her a few questions. Enjoy!

Mary-Jordon in Gothenburg! We wanted to find out just how amazing her trip was so we asked her a few questions. Enjoy!

1) What was your first impression of Sweden?
I was taken by how well kept everything was there. Anywhere you looked it could have been a view from a postcard.

2) What was on your itinerary?
We began our tour in Gothenberg, then headed north along the coast. After we got our Volvo loaner, we visited Klädesholmen, the Nordic Watercolor Museum (and saw an Andrew Wyeth exhibit, funnily enough), Handelsman Flink on the Flatön island, and the Vitlycke Museum in Tanumshede. Later we traveled to Fjällbacka and tooled around the village while waiting for our ride out to Väderöarnas Guest house. On our way back for one last night in Gothenberg, we stopped for lunch at Villa Sjötorp.

3) What was the greatest culture shock that you saw/experienced while in Sweden?
Coming from the sometimes chaotic New York City, I was surprised to see such order in Gothenburg. It was evident that the Swedish Government devotes a great deal of resources to making the country a pleasant place to live.

4) The beauty in making your own travel itinerary is that you could tailor your trip to your liking – What was your favorite part?
I appreciated getting off what I would consider the beaten path and seeing the Swedish countryside and the more remote sights. We traveled the backroads instead of the E6 whenever possible and enjoyed the farmlands.

5) Is there anything that you left off of your itinerary that you wished you were able to do or see?
Too many to list. I will have to go back one day and see so much more!

6) How was your experience with your rental Volvo? Would you consider driving a Volvo in the future?
I was extremely happy with the Volvo. The added safety features were a welcome addition, as I was slightly nervous to be driving in a foreign country. I will definitely consider Volvo when I am ready to make a car purchase.

7) After your week vacation, would you recommend Sweden as a vacation destination to friends or family?
I have! Everyone I spoke to about my experience was terribly jealous.

8) What did you think of the food/culture? the people?
The food was fantastic! I don’t eat meat, but with all of the fish in the region, I was well fed. As far as the people in the region, I didn’t meet a single one who wasn’t whole-heartedly friendly and welcoming. I was made to feel completely at home.

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