Boxed Vacations, now ordered to go!

The newest way to travel in Sweden is in a box…sorta.

The Swedish Tourism board has created a very amusing video to promote Swedish City Breaks – easily assimilated boxed packages of fun for visiting Sweden. It’s a great tool that has some really cool “breaks” like getting Soundtracked in Gothenburg – where you get your own personalized soundtrack played by an instrument-imitating mouth orchestra during your entire stay in Gothenburg.

On the less quirky side, the relaxing Feel Good Trip, is basically a relaxing spa package with all the details worked out for you so you don’t even have to stress making your vacation plans. These boxed City Breaks are really a unique way to see what Sweden has to offer without having to spend forever researching and booking everything separately.

Of course with the holidays coming up the Christmas Spectacular in Gothenburg, with 5 million fairy lights strung throughout the worlds largest Holiday Market also makes for a tempting to go box…Don’t forget to bring me back some roasted chestnuts please!

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  1. sue ockwell   •  

    With Wallander, the great Swedish detective (lead role in the English version played by actor Kenneth Branagh) having been on UK TV in December/January (plus the original version on TV again, in Swedish with English subtitles), AND the great Stieg Larsson trilogy about to hit the big screen with a film of the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sweden is suddenly well represented in the UK, across bookshops, TV and film media. Both provide gripping entertainment and come highly recommended!

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