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On Car Plus Vacation you create the itinerary for your dream vacation in West Sweden and then submit that opportunity to win that trip! You also get a Volvo to cruise around in for the duration of your stay. We are hosting a giveaway of Stefan Edman’s new book, Koster Sea : the First Marine National Park in Sweden. Edman is one of Sweden’s most prominent nature writers, having published over 35 books!

We have 3 copies to give away, all you have to do is post a link to your itinerary that you created on Car + Vacation in the comment section below no later than July 15th for a chance to win, it’s that easy!  We will randomly select 3 winners! Good Luck!

Here is more information on the book:

Did you know that crabs walk for miles across the seafloor carrying their “babies” under their abdomen, that sea cucumbers spit out their guts to defend themselves or that ordinary shrimps perform a sex change midway through life?

These and many other interesting and amusing facts are presented in this book about the Kosterhavet Marine National Park — a wonderful, diverse world, full of contrasts, all within a surprisingly small area. Most of the aquatic environments that are typical of the west coast are found here alongside some unusual and unique habitats, among them the only living coral reef in Sweden.


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  2. Jennifer Huber   •  

    Wow! I want to do everything! 🙂 Seriously, one of my first international business trips was to Gothenburg about 10 years ago. My flight was a day late, my luggage was lost and all I got to see was the inside of a conference center. Putting the itinerary together made me realize what I missed! Will have to plan a return trip.

    I love national parks and the book looks awesome. 🙂

    Here’s my dream trip itinerary

  3. Laura Kaufmann   •  

    Wow, this would be an absolutely unbelievable trip! My husband & I have never been to Sweden and we would be thrilled to go see all of the wonderful sites we chose on our planner! Hope we’re the lucky winners!

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