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A group of hungry foodie bloggers (from the UK and Denmark) visited West Sweden recently, on a quest to indulge in the region’s sublime seafood.

Their trip took place during West Sweden’s renowned Shellfish Journey – an event across the west coast during autumn that sees a greater choice of educational and mouth-watering seafood safaris available.

Their trip included a mussel safari in Lysekil, the best seafood buffet (quite possibly in the world) at Café Ferdinand, the incredibly peaceful South Koster island, set at Sweden’s first Marine National Park, Kosterhavet, an exquisite five-course lobster feast at Sydkoster hotel Ekenäs and oyster tastings and a lobster safari in Grebbestad fishing village.

Many people say the shellfish in West Sweden, including lobster and oysters, are among the best in the world – but did the bloggers agree? Find out, by reading about the adventures (click
on the blog links) of Jeanne Horak-Druiff: Cook sister, Su-Lin: Tamarind and Thyme, Chris Pople Cheese and biscuits, Helen Graves Food Stories and Lizzie Mabbott Hollow Legs. Danish readers can also read Nadia Mathiasen’s blog articles on Food fanatic.


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