Holiday suggestions in West Sweden

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Spring has sprung, and the warm sunshine brings thoughts of pleasant outdoor activities, the generosity of Nature’s own grocery cupboard, and perhaps enjoyable daytrips on lakes, canals, or at sea. If you haven’t yet decided where to holiday or spend a long weekend this year, now is the time!

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Crane Dance and Cheese Experience by Lake Hornborgasjön

To discover new places, enjoy good food and meet colourful people with exciting stories to tell sounds like the perfect day out to me. If you have never set foot in the Västergötland Region, or visited Lake Hornborgasjön – one of Europe’s most important wetlands, I will try to explain what makes this place so very special.


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GO TO SEA – A tribute to the sea in Gothenburg 24-28 feb

GO TO SEA – A tribute to the sea
February 24-28 it’s time to celebrate the ocean again. Bring family and friends and take part in some of the marine themed activities around town. Go to sea offers a unique opportunity to try some truly excellent food and during the week Gothenburg’s chefs will do everything to impress you with their cooking. Don’t miss the pop-up restaurants, known as “soup containers” – it’s a must!

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Winter and spring kayaking in Bohuslän opens for new seasons

Winter kayaking in Bohuslän

Canoeists who venture out into a snow-covered Bohuslän are met by an open natural landscape that gives a genuine feeling of existing in the here and now. Kayak rental operator Fredrik Lundkvist at Stångenäs Kayak in Lysekil invites you on a journey where the barren landscape of Bohuslän with its smooth and salt-covered granite cliffs is combined with comfortable places to stay and flavoursome meals. Launch your kayak into the fresh, salty sea – and enjoy!
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In West Sweden Christmas is celebrated on piers, in castles and at Santa Land

Pickled herring and schnaps. Photo: Göran Assner5

Pickled herring and schnaps are necessities on the Swedish Christmas table.

In the different parts of West Sweden, Christmas is celebrated in castles and cottages, in boathouses by the sea, or among tall trees in the snow-covered wilderness. And in all these settings, in the counties of Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland, well-stocked Christmas Buffets are on offer. Try some local food traditions, customs and legends – it will give your Christmas celebrations a touch of West Sweden. Continue reading…

Discover the Red Gold of Lake Vänern – Bleak Roe!

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Ulrika Gustavsson has raised the quality of the roe and launched the brand new product “Vänerlöjrom”!

Since the mid-1960s, bleak roe has been the main source of income for a group of professional fishermen in the small fishing village of Spiken, on the southern shore of Lake Vänern, outside Lidköping. On the first Sunday in November, the Day of Bleak Roe will be celebrated for the second year in a row and there is now a new brand to light up the autumn darkness – Vänerlöjrom! Continue reading…

Swedish drinks – From milk to schnapps

This year’s harvest of Sweden’s tastiest seasonal fruit and berries is currently hanging on branches in my neighbourhood. The trees are heavy with bright red tart apples and light green juicy pears. Heaven for a drink producer with the ability to transform freshly picked fruits and berries into mealtime refreshments.Qvänum Mat & Malt - kollage 1 kopia Continue reading…

Exciting Lobster Safari in Bohuslän

In Bohuslän, anyone can catch their own lobsters once the lobster catching season begins on the first Monday after the 20 September. You can either use your own boat or book a Lobster Package, where you get to join the crew on a guided Lobster Safari held by skilled professional fishermen. This is what I did. It is a still morning when we set off to sea with veteran fisherman Ivan Axelsson as our guide – to bring home the Black Gold of the Ocean.

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Swedish Midsummer in our hearts

Smögen midsommardans - Foto Emelie Person
After the country’s long dark winters, Midsummer is hugely celebrated, as its days are some of the lightest in the year. Midsummer is therefore particularly close to the hearts of many Swedes. Join me on a trip to Smögen in the Bohuslän region and experience how Midsummer is traditionally celebrated – plenty of singing, dancing around maypoles, girls with flowers in their hair, pickled herring with new potatoes and soured cream…as well as fresh strawberries and a great deal of schnapps!
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