Who needs a stage?

In The Kitchen

Some of Sweden’s finest have been heading west to play some serious gigs… in kitchens. Yes, kitchens. Meet ‘In My Kitchen’, which was created with the idea of asking musicians to strip down their songs and then perform them in their kitchen, with the help of various utensils and anything else that comes to hand. The Casiokids recently performed and even cooked an omelet while at it! We were able to sit down with the Ryan and Tim  from “In My Kitchen” to talk about inspiration, how this got started, and their future plans.

Who are you guys? How long have you lived in West Sweden?

Hi there, we are two English gents exiled in Gothenburg for various classified reasons, if we were to tell you we’d ave ta kill ya! However, we are allowed to divulge that Ryan is from Kettering, the underage pregnancy capital of Europe, and Tim is a current world record holder, and that’s the truth!

We’ve collectively lived in Sweden got five years and eleven months.

How did this whole concept come about? Whose apartment is it?

As we both had a background working with music, bands and club nights in England we wanted to do something to help promote the local music scene but were too lazy to leave the apartment during the Swedish winter. So we hit upon the idea of rather listening to CD’s over dinner, why not get bands to play live and, while they’re at it, cook for us. Really it’s the perfect crime! The kitchen belongs to two beloved friends, Johanna and Hjörtur whose apartment Ryan squatted in for three months in 2009. They run an online magazine (www.monthly.se) that Ryan also writes for.

Why the kitchen?

Ryan: Well to quote Tim: ’the kitchen is the heart of the home’, thus the best place for creativity.

Who was the first band? and how did you approach them?

The first band we got in touch with was Casiokids who are from Bergen in Norway. They were touring, we were big fans of their music, when we contacted them they were more than up for it and so the legend was born.

Which band has been the most innovative? how?

Well, there have been several innovative moments; Casiokids used a whisk on a cheese grater plus a large casserole dish for percussion, Love & Happiness used two glasses of water as a make do drum kit, but maybe we would have to say The Isolation would win the InMyKitchen Innovation Award with their home made amps and human mic stand (soon to be available to buy on our site).

Do you plan on parlaying this into anything more than just bands in your kitchen?

Well there was talk of trying to do our own version of Live Aid, but that’s still in the early planning stages, we’re just waiting for Bono to get back to us. We are hopefully going to be doing some stuff around a few festivals in Europe this summer, there has also been talk of making a car into a mobile oven, kind of like InMyKitchen on wheels, not unlike the Batmobile!? As well as a few more things that we are working on at the moment, I’m afraid we’re going to have to keep them under wraps for now though!

Which band has been your favorite? (we won’t tell, okay yes we will.)

We’re going to have to use the old cliché and say that they have all been really good, otherwise we wouldn’t have got in touch and asked them to play. Casiokids, our first step on the path to enlightenment, were really good and great guys, everyone should go and see them live! They popped our cherry so, as everyone knows, your first time is always the most memorable.

72 Hours in Gothenburg

Gothenburg Skyline

Sunvil trip planners has put together a seriously awesome 3 day city break guide to the lovely town of Gothenburg. This is perfect for all of you looking for a quick weekend getaway. Check it out:

Day One: Why not visit the Maritime Museum, explore the harbour-side preservation area of Klippans kulturreservat, and join the locals at the bustling fish market, Feskekorka (Fish Church), for lunch? Return to the centre of Gothenburg by canal cruise boat, winding your way alongside the park of Tradgardsforeningen. In the evening a cruise into the archipelago surrounding the city is highly recommended.

Day Two: Wander through the narrow seats of the Haga district with its picturesque wooden houses, popular cafes and boutique shops. Allow time in Haga to relax, watch the world go by and enjoy a tasty Kanelbullar (cinnamon bun). Continue your exploration by climbing to the hilltop fortification of Skansen Kronan (Crown keep) and Gothenburg’s most decorated church Oscar Fredrik, from where a magnificent panorama of the city awaits.

Day Three: Gothenburg boasts attractions to suit all interests and ages. Why not spend the day visiting Gothenburg’s art museum; the Liseberg amusement park – Sweden’s premier tourist attraction; shopping in Sweden’s leading indoor shopping centre (150 shops) or in the areas of Vallgraven, Haga or Linnegatan; or escape the bustle of the city and visit the beautiful manor house, gardens and restaurant of Gunnebo?

Trend Alert: Gothenburg Spring Style

Gothenburg StyleSpring has Sprung (kinda).And, with summer around the corner and the temperatures heating up, it’s time to transition those bulky coats and scarves into a warm weather chic combinations.  I have been scouring the the pages of Lookbook.nu to spot the top trends circulating in Gothenburg. Here is what I found:

  1. Vintage Sweaters paired with Minis:  Spring has sprung but summer isn’t exactly here yet, so we feel your pain with the “it’s hot, now cold” fluctuating temperatures. The perfect solution to this? Pairing a short skirt with an oversized comfy vintage sweater.
  2. Navajo Prints: I absolutely adore this trend. If you are like me you love to layer, scarves, jackets, etc. Summer is not so great for layering so the next best thing is an amazing print. The Navajo trend is fantastic because the colors are muted and not too bright and look adorable when paired with a simple gladiator sandal and a leather messenger bag. Easy. Breezy.
  3. Light Wash Jean Shorts: We saw a bit of a resurgence with acid wash this past winter but for Spring the hot jean color is a light wash, worn in, shade.
  4. Rolled Pants: This goes for both guys and girls. If you have a pair of comfy, baggy pants you don’t have to banish them to the back of your closet! Simply give them the roll up and pair them with a lightweight tank and you are ready to go.

Any other trends that you have spotted? Leave them in the comments!

Interview: Anna Ganslandt


Introduce yourself.

My name is Anna Ganslandt and I am a visual artist.

Lovely to meet you. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Sweden, except for some years in my childhood when I lived in Spain. I did most of my studies at the University of Gothenburg — I have a Masters degree in photography and a bachelors degree in art history — where I also teach.

What’s the art scene in Gothenburg like?

The Gothenburg art scene has suffered from being in–between the scene in Stockholm and Malmö. Stockholm, being the capital of Sweden, and Malmö, geographically close to Europe, has more Internationally connected art schools which produces vibrant art scenes.

Nevertheless there is something interesting and underground with what’s happening in Gothenburg now. The music scene, for example, is well known for being very progressive. I think that the lack of big institutions and financial means have forced our small town to create its own conditions. Gothenburg rest on its own history as an old working town; a shipping town with a dynamic shipyard and car factory, where the institutions, museums and hospitals are founded on donations.

Continue reading…

Gothenburg: The Avalon

Avalon Hotel

Who doesn’t love themselves a swanky, boutique, high design hotel? I can’t think of one person. The Design Hotels, are  an international hotel group, that puts design, architecture, and originality at the forefront of their business.  Lucky for us Gothenburg houses the absolutely stunning Avalon hotel ( A Design Hotel property) located in the center of the Kungsportsplatsen district.

The Avalon offers 5 star dining as well as an international bar and a wine-tasting room; a rooftop swimming pool built entirely of glass and a penthouse terrace with views Gothenburg’s main boulevards and the Storan theatre.  As we speak the City of Gothenburg is working to improve the surrounding area of Avalon Hotel and they are scheduled to open Avalon Outside, a spectacular outdoor restaurant and bar in mid April. Put it in your calendar folks.

And to top things off they are currently having a winter special “3F2”, book your stay at the Avalon with Design Hotels and just pay for two nights when staying for three.  This sweet offer has a shelf life (unfortunately) so get in before March 28 2010.

The Information:

Avalon Hotel
Kungstorget 9
SE-411 17 Gothenburg

Way Out West: The XX, Local Natives, La Roux…

Image Via Way Out West

Winter is brutal. Which is why we focus on the positive, like the warmth of Summer, the unbelievable sunshine and the fast approaching Way Out West Festival this year! Yes, we realize August seems very far away; however, Way out West just announced some of their headliners and the show is bound to be epic.  The headliners include Local Natives, an L.A. based band that has been making some serious waves. We absolutely love their single “Airplanes” a sweet love song about pining after love lost.

Also on the bill is the always high energy Brit pop star, La Roux, we recommend her song “Bulletproof” which feels like a ‘ just broke up with my significant other and I am fine’ anthem.  The big players include LCD Soundsystem and indie veterans Pavement. Though the band we really, really, really CANNOT wait to see has to be The XX, the Lo-Fi pop four set took New York City by storm, playing to full houses of hipsters nationwide.We say early bird gets the worm, or the tickets, er? Either way, we’ll see you there.

The Details

When: Friday 13th and Saturday 14th August, with club performances from the evening of Thursday 12th until Saturday 14th
Where: Slottsskogen city park in central Gothenburg.

Tickets: 1,390 Swedish crowns (£115) for a full two day festival pass including club performances. Ticket sales at Eventim: Telephone +46 771651000.