Worship in the Church Of Fish.


The Feskekorka, a fish market in Goteborg, is a building steeped in history. Since it resembles a Gothic church, the old fish market has garnered the name Feskekorka, which translates to “fish church” in English and worship these sea creatures they do. Since it was built in 1840, the building has gained popularity among tourists who visit West Sweden as it serves as a thriving seafood market and an accompanying restaurant inside as well- not only is the grub delicious but the building is absolutely picturesque. The bold design of the building is a reflection of the architect’s inspiration by the Norwegian wooden stave and Gothic stone churches. In addition to fish and seafood, a huge variety of local produce is sold daily at the Feskekorka, this is a must see destination for anyone in Gothenburg.

Book Giveaway!


On Car Plus Vacation you create the itinerary for your dream vacation in West Sweden and then submit that opportunity to win that trip! You also get a Volvo to cruise around in for the duration of your stay. We are hosting a giveaway of Stefan Edman’s new book, Koster Sea : the First Marine National Park in Sweden. Edman is one of Sweden’s most prominent nature writers, having published over 35 books!

We have 3 copies to give away, all you have to do is post a link to your itinerary that you created on Car + Vacation in the comment section below no later than July 15th for a chance to win, it’s that easy!  We will randomly select 3 winners! Good Luck!

Here is more information on the book:

Did you know that crabs walk for miles across the seafloor carrying their “babies” under their abdomen, that sea cucumbers spit out their guts to defend themselves or that ordinary shrimps perform a sex change midway through life?

These and many other interesting and amusing facts are presented in this book about the Kosterhavet Marine National Park — a wonderful, diverse world, full of contrasts, all within a surprisingly small area. Most of the aquatic environments that are typical of the west coast are found here alongside some unusual and unique habitats, among them the only living coral reef in Sweden.

Not Your Grandmother’s Basement.


If you are looking for a world-class menu and a decadent wine selection in vibrant Gothenburg, then you have to try Basement. This bold and enjoyable bar is the product of the well-renowned owner and award-winning chef Ulf Wagner, who takes pride in his restaurant. Have a show to catch after dinner? Basement has a great three-course Theater Menu each night from 5:30 pm so you don’t have to miss your evening matinee! With a sommelier on staff, the bar has some great wines to choose from as well. Wagner uses top quality ingredients in his variety of dishes which proves to only exceed customer expectations. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can opt to try a specially composed “Wagner’s Choice” which is a four, six, or eight course meal! Overall, this isn’t your Grandmother’s Basement, it’s the hottest spot in town.

It’s 1970 all over again


Even though we are in the year 2010, there is now a chance to go back and experience the grooving 1970’s at the newly-unveiled exhibition at Molndal’s Museum! The museum decided that this year’s exhibition would honor the colorful decade of tie-dye and disco by showcasing many iconic pieces of 70’s pop culture that will be on display for the public from now until March 20, 2011.

More than just a nostalgic walk down memory lane, this exhibit is fun for the whole family! In addition to the exhibit, there is a children’s pillow room as well as a series of lectures in the Fors café. The 1970’s theme will be carried throughout other parts of the museum and will be the focus of this year’s Culture Night in Kvarnbyn on September 3rd. Check out the microsite!

Interview: Kosterhavet National Park

Picture 7

Kosterhavet National Park is the first national marine park of Sweden and was inaugurated in September 2009. It is located in Strömstad and Tanum municipalities in Bohuslän, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. It consists of the sea and shores around the Koster Islands, however excluding the islands themselves. We got to sit down with Martin Larsvik
one the head Marine Biologist at the park.
How long have you been working as a marine biologist? How long at this reserve?

I have been working as a marine biologist since 1991. In 1992 I started at the Lovén Centre Tjärnö, which is close to the Kosterhavet Marine National Park, inaugurated in 2009.

Can you describe the sea life around the park?

In the Kosterhavet Marine National Park there are about 6000 marine species. More than 200 of those have not been found elsewhere in Sweden, but can be found further west in the Atlantic Ocean. There are, for instance, large brown macroalgae (kelp), sponge animals, polychaete worms, crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers and fish. The most spectacular species is the eye coral (Lophelia pertusa), forming coral reefs at a depth of 85 meters.

I heard that the park doesn’t allow cars? Is that true? Is there protection from all sorts of pollutents?

Motor vehicles are only allowed on roads, but since there practically are no roads, we can say that the park doesn’t allow cars. But the park allow for motorboats, and there is no regulation of what kind of fuel the motorboats can use.

What are some of the most unique creatures you have come across?

There are several species which have been discovered by science in the area close to the Lovén Centre. One is a 9 mm long polychaete worm without mouth or gut.

What do you think about the oil spills off the coast of the US? How traumatic is that for sea life?

Considering the very large volume of oil that have been spilled, I think it is traumatic. Long-term effects of toxic compound of the oil accumulated in the food web, is believed to be more detrimental than the more easily seen short-term surface and shore effects.

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Treehouse Getaway


As a little kid we all built forts out of couch cushions and dreamed of our family living just like the Swiss Family Robinson above the rest of the world in the trees. Well now that dream can be brought to life.

Yes, as adults we can live amongst the majestic oak trees in ‘Seventh Heaven’.  ‘Seventh Heaven’ is the latest addition to the treetop house hotels in Ugglum.  The hotel at the Islanna Café & Lantkök, Ugglum. The brand new treehouse has a large balcony that lets you grab your sleeping bag and sleep under the stars! Word has it that they even hoist breakfast up to you in a basket!

This treehouse should be opening soon but in the meanwhile you and your loved ones can stay at the existing tree house Hotel Andrum outside Falköping.

Dalsland: Outdoor adventures!

biking dalsland

Had enough of the shopping, lounging, and eating? Well Dalsland is the perfect destination for your next trip. The beautiful yet rugged terrain is built for outdoor sports, hiking and biking.

In fact Dalsland, which is only 2 hours north of Gothenburg, has become a destination for MBO or Mountain Bike Orientating as they just hosted the annual event on May 8th which will drew thousands of bikers from all over.  The total course length of MTB-O is around 40 kilometres  divided into three stages. So channel your inner Lance Armstrong and gear up!  If you have no idea what MBO is, it “ most closely resembles ski orienteering, except on a bike, where the choice of route between the control points is more of a deciding factor than difficult control points.”

And, if you prefer water to land then get in a canoe! Dalsland also hosts an annual canoe race (which is run by the same people as the MBO event). Don’t regret your vacation feasts and get outdoors and a little sweaty in Dalsland.

Fairytale Weddings in Lidköping

Lacko Castle

Läckö Castle is best known as De la Gardie’s magnificent castle/mansion on the shores of Lake Vänern. The castle has become an increasingly desired space for couples seeking to get married in the romantic town. Not only do your wedding attendees get to enjoy the enthralling landscape and architecture but the summer season offers the visitor stimulating thematic shows from art to the history of Swedish culture with historical themes such as everyday life, festivals or fashion.  There is a fantastic restaurant on site for your guests or you could also stay nearby in the romantic Bjertorp Manor.

The castle’s chapel, where ceremonies are often held, is a technical masterpiece over 400 years old and filled with ornately detailed antiques. The castle recently just opened May 1st and will be only open till September 30th. Be sure to put this destination on your list of places to tie the knot as it is a win/win for anyone and everyone!

Six Things You Must Do…


London’s very own Daily Mail had a little feature on Gothenburg this morning, naming the six things you absolutely must do while visiting.  The six things goes as follows:

  1. The Glam Tram, hop aboard!
  2. Catching Sensational Maestro Gustavo Dudamel at the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
  3. View the long lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting
  4. Check out the amazing Cafe culture, grab a beer and get some free food
  5. Hit the Design Torget for some style inspiration then the Röhsska Museum of Fashion and Design to see what the pros are up to
  6. And finally, stay at the uber hip Avalon Hotel which we blogged about earlier!

Read the full article here!

Oy Oy Oysters!


The Nordic Championship in oyster opening in Grebbestad is just a week away! The championships take place in Tanumstrand, next to Grebbestad (which is Sweden’s ‘oyster capital’ in case you didn’t know). On May 1, top chefs from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and more will battle it out to for the title of the speediest opener. Knives are sharpened, champagne will be flowing, and oysters will be abound!

It’s a seafood enthusiast fest and visitors can partake in oyster and lobster safaris! Safaris? you say!  Join a trained guide and travel out into the archipelago aboard a beautiful wooden boat, to taste these sea creatures straight from the sea, and experience how this delicacy is harvested.  Head out here for the weekend or swing by if you are a local!  Our favorite place to stay is the Tanumstrand Hotel so start booking and Bon Apetit!

If you want a quick lesson in how to shuck an oyster, see below: