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This blog is maintained by West Sweden Tourist Board who have a passion for food, outdoor and tourism. Our mission is to attempt to convey what we find to be one of the world’s finest hidden gems to the rest of the world. We hope you enjoy!


  1. Jo Schutten   •  

    I am planning to cycle from Helsingborg to Oslo and need cycling information for the west coast of Sweden (to near Halden)

  2. Vishal Pakhale   •  


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    We appreciate your work for travelers.

    We are a backpacker hostel chain in India & will be spread in Asia soon.

    We provide budget hostels for backpackers.

    We would like to have us on your website.

    let us know how we can proceed for the same.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

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  3. Les Vargerson   •  

    As a passionate lover of all things Heering/Pickled, Reading about Swedish versions, Are there not Importers to the UK with ranges as mentioned in your `blog” One is tempted to DIY but Herrings are not freely available any more. Demand is well down I am told by the Trade

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