A Swedish Summer Weekend in Bohuslän

Beautiful Fiskebäckskil!

Last week I was on a lovely trip in Bohuslän, West Sweden. In Fiskebäckskil, to be more exact, and it was love at first site! Parts of the old Fiskebäckskil still linger on and I could feel the presence of shipping and weather-beaten skippers. Although I could still enjoy the calm from the sea and the lovely bathing bays. Fiskebäckskil has a history that dates back a long way. The little town was born in the 16th century together with the big “herring period”, and the town enjoyed centuries of fishing and movement. During the expansive growth in the 19th century, the town transformed to a shipping community with Bohuslän’s largest shipping fleet. Later on, in the beginning of the 20th century, Fiskebäckskil turned into one of the country’s major tourist attractions instead. Society had discovered this beautiful place and came to enjoy swimming and recreation, and that’s how it all started…


Quaint Fishing Hut by the Water.

Later on the same day that I arrived, I went on a mussel safari together with Orust Shellfish. The old Bohuslän boat from 1952, Signe, brought us to the mussel cultivation. I got see firsthand how to cultivate and harvest mussels, such and interesting experience! We even got to bring some mussels with us to Käringeholmen where our harvest was cooked and prepared. It was delicious and definitely an unforgettable experience in a breath-taking environment!


Breath-taking Sunset!

The sunset was magical!

When we later on arrived back in Fiskebäckskil, I got to enjoy going to sleep in my cozy bed at Gullmarsstrand Hotell & Konferens. The hotel is located right by the water and I could feel the sea breeze from my window. I slept like a princess!


Gullmarsstrand Hotell & Konfernece, Perfect by the Water.

The second day started off with a substantial breakfast before taking off in a sail boat to explore the coast! After putting on my life vest and learning a little bit about the boat,  it was off to sea with Sjöport Charter! Despite some bad luck with the weather, sailing around in Bohuslän’s beautiful archipelago was a wonderful experience! There are plenty of great excursions for a day on a boat in Bohuslän. We visited Gåså, Lysekil and Södra Grundsund, among others.

The evening was spent with fantastic food at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil. Such a charming and cozy restaurant, definitely worth a visit!

On the Boat!

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    West coast of Sweden is fantastic. We used to have two rentals near Smögen but the standard of the rentals did not match our criterias. Today we do have properties near Halmstad which are popular to rent especially during the summer. All the best. Rickard

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