A Permanent Vacation in Gothenburg

Permanent Vacation Fashion
Permanent Vacation Fashion

Fashion forward and fashion retro, Permanent Vacation is a creative group of West Swedenites whose designs draw the young and hip and embody the spirit of Gothenburg. In addition to phenomenal fashion items, PV dabbles in photography, design, styling and writing when the creative inspiration hits, another trait they share with Gothenburg-eans: the drive to express themselves in a myriad of creative outlets.

Sharing her views of Gothenburg and how connected it is to her fashion designs, Amanda Lindell, founder and designer for PV talks about the company, her inspiration and the best places to go in Gothenburg.

Explore West Sweden: How has being a fashion designer changed your life?
Amanda Lindell: It made it better and worse in equal parts.
EWS: What aspect of design fascinates you most?
AL: Making new stuff. Inventions.
EWS: Who has inspired you most in your fashion design?
AL: Michael Jackson & R. Kelly
EWS: What does Permanent Vacation mean to you?
AL: ell oh vee ee (L-O-V-E)
EWS: How has West Swedish culture and living in Gothenburg influenced your design?
AL: We couldn’t have done what we do anywhere else. We have the time and possibility to start up the business here. And more concrete, the clothes we make are definitly made for a west coast climate and life; waxed cotton jackets & flanell dresses for fall and durable dresses for summer. The atmosphere here is the atmosphere of PV.
EWS: What or who do you think are the most important cultural and fashion icons of West Sweden?
AL: Besides P.V. it must be sea, wind and shrimps.
EWS: What do you like to do for fun when you’re not busy designing hip and fashion forward clothing?
AL: Get drunk at the desk
EWS: If you could chose one quality that typifies Gothenburg-eans, what would it be?
AL: Calm
EWS: What is your favorite Swedish food?
AL: Summer potatoes
EWS: What is your favorite Gothenburg hot-spot?
AL: Alvar&Ivars bakery and Haga Bion cinema

Permanent Vacation‘s office is on Tredje Långgatan in Gothenburg, but even better, for your own slice of Gothenubrg you can shop online here – they ship worldwide for only 5 euros.

Fashion and Fast Cars - always a recipe for fun
Fashion and Fast Cars – always a recipe for fun
Wrestling in the grass - a great way to spend my Permanent Vacation
Wrestling in the grass – a great way to spend my Permanent Vacation

For more photos visit this season’s fashion line, as well as past seasons’ lines check out their collections online.

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