A culinary road trip from sweet to salty – or the other way round

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Now anyone who loves food from West Sweden and locally produced ingredients can take a culinary road trip from the archipelago of Gothenburg to Göta Canal.  The just over 200 kilometres between the restaurants Pensionat Styrsö Skäret and Norrqvarn in Lyrestad are lined by small-scale and organic food producers and farm shops.


Irrespective of whether you prefer to spend the first night on the island of Styrsö or overlooking Göta Canal at Norrqvarn, the road that connects them is the same. Locally produced meat, cheese, rapeseed oil, honey, berries, vegetables, chillies, turkey and ice cream – there are unlimited delicacies on offer.


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The idea was born at Norrqvarn

The idea of offering a package trip with accommodation and visits along the way came from Malin Johansson at Norrqvarn. Three years ago, she and husband Magnus took their staff on a similar journey, to visit the producers that supply their ingredients.

– We had a really nice day out. We didn’t follow the E20, but instead travelled along picturesque smaller roads, visiting lots of different producers en route. Once back home again, I thought about our experience and the idea was born, she says.

Malin contacted friend and fellow restaurateur Ola Tulldahl at Pensionat Styrsö Skäret to find out if he would be interested in providing accommodation for the second night – and he was! The West Sweden Tourism Board helped them to put together a package trip with one night’s accommodation, a welcome drink, three-course dinner at both restaurants, and breakfast.

– We’re a small establishment and care a lot about the food we serve. There are so very many excellent food producers who are passionate about their work and it feels great to be able to support them. The Västgöta Plain offers so much food within a fairly small area, and more people should be given the opportunity to discover that, says Ola Tulldahl.


Sivans osthandel int


Fill the cool box with delicacies

The meals served at Norrqvarn and Pensionat Skäret are mostly made with ingredients from small-scale producers. When you check out from your hotel on the morning of day 2, everyone in the party is given a cool bag with a freshly baked ciabatta to have for lunch during the journey. Why not stop and enjoy it somewhere where the beautiful surroundings gives the experience an extra dimension?  Once the bag is empty, it can be refilled with locally produced food from the various farm shops.


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Fresh honey straight from the beehive

At Honungshuset in Böja, visitors can buy jars of freshly harvested honey straight from the hive – the type you get depends on the time of year: wild raspberries in early June, white clover from the end of June until early August, then small-leaved lime, broad beans and rosebay willowherb in July and August.

– This is a real delicacy that contains much more fragrance and flavours than ‘ordinary’ honey. A big trend at the moment is raw food, where honey fits in extremely well – for example as a sweetener, says Kristina Sandberg at Honungshuset.


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Text: Johan Wetterberg

Photo: Pensionat Skäret, Åsa Dahlgren och Honungshuset


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