7th Century history floats to the surface

Discovery of 7th Century ship in Lake Vänern

Discovery of 7th Century ship in Lake Vänern

Archaeologists in Sweden’s Sunnerby have discovered the only ship burial in Sweden hidden under a mound in Lake Vänern. Although currently only parts of the ship have been unearthed, the rivets indicate a sizable ship (10-20 meters in length) is hidden beneath the Kungshögen mound.

Discoveries of this type are highly significant, revealing information about Swedish culture from bygone eras, in this case specifically that of the Vendel era. “The ship would have been loaded with the deceased, animal sacrifices, equipment and gifts and the whole vessel set alight in a huge funeral pyre.” The excavation will take place from now until winter sets in, and work will resume in 2010 to uncover the wealth of history from Europe’s third largest, and Sweden’s largest lake.

Thanks to The Local for image.

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