20 – 22 July: Days of the Falls – Trollhättan

Trollhättan is a town by the southern tip of Lake Vänern. This is where the Days of the Falls, one of Sweden’s most popular and well-attended festivals, is held every year. The floodgates are opened and the water is released into its former channel. This impressive sight is a reminder of the huge forces the engineers have managed to tame, using locks and power stations. When the gates are opened, the river regains some of its original fierceness, as 300,000 litres of water a second cascades along the river channel. During the Days of the Falls, the town is teeming with activities. Genuine family entertainment is on offer, with a program containing activities suitable for visitors of all ages. The water roars down the falls several times a day, and this is your opportunity to experience this amazing force of nature. The falls are especially spectacular after dark, when they are lit.

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